Michael Gonzales talks to a police officer, describing the scuffle that left people injured in Wednesday’s attempted armed robbery.

Two workers were slightly injured Wednesday afternoon when they fought a man armed with a knife who tried to rob Mi Nidito, the iconic Mexican restaurant in South Tucson, police said.

The two employees eventually wrestled the robber to the ground, but not before suffering stab wounds in the melee, said Chief Manny Amado of the South Tucson Department of Public Safety.

Neither injury was life-threatening, with one person treated at the scene and the other taken to a hospital, Amado said.

Amado said the robber is in custody. His name was not immediately released.

Michael Gonzales said he was having lunch with his wife and daughter-in-law when waitresses came out yelling, saying someone had a gun.

Gonzales said he got up to see what was going on. He said he saw the robber throw the cash register to the ground and begin kicking it, trying to get money out.

A customer then came from behind and hit the robber with a chair, which caused him to fall down, according to Gonzales.


A man is taken to an ambulance following the failed robbery at the restaurant on South Fourth Avenue.

Gonzales said he held the robber back, putting pressure on his neck.

He told the man to release the weapon. The robber finally dropped it, which is when Gonzales saw it was a utility knife, not a gun.

Gonzales said people inside the restaurant held the robber down until police officers arrived.

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