Taco Gordo at Taco Fish

The Taco Gordo is piled high with nuggets of fried fish, flakey red marlin and a single fried shrimp on the top, $3.50.

While it's been almost three years since Tucson was named a Unesco City of Gastronomy, some people around the globe are just now catching on to the flavors that await them on a trip to the Old Pueblo.

As "the kind of place that's been conserving heirloom seeds since the early '80s and producing self-made success stories like Barrio Bread owner (and heritage grain whisperer) Don Guerra," it came as no surprise to Food and Wine magazine when Tucson exploded on the scene a few years ago.

The magazine has updated its list of Tucson's best spots for food and drink, providing a new blend of old and new restaurants.

The list includes classics like Tacos Apson and El Guero Canelo, but also includes some less traditional spots, including Chef Alisah's European and Bosnian Cuisine and somewhat newcomers, Welcome Diner and Presta Coffee.

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Check out the full list here and see if your favorite restaurants landed a spot.