Giant mosquito-like bugs stick around Tucson

Giant mosquito-like bugs stick around Tucson

Now that we know the apocalypse is no longer upon us, we're still stuck with those giant mosquito-like insects, known as Crane flies, that populate the shady areas of your home and try to sneak in at night to be by the light.

The harmless Crane flies are now more of a nuisance. How many have you discovered inside and destroyed or stepped on to mess up your porch? The good news is their population is waning in most areas, and with their short 15-day life span, will probably disappear in another month.

Misnamed the mosquito hawk by some people, the Crane flies don't eat mosquitos, although these insects are actually considered beneficial, especially by gardeners. The larvae feed on decaying organic matter, thereby speeding decomposition, according to this website.

According to one website, "Crane Flies grow up to 2 1/2 inches long, with a wingspan of three inches. They are grayish-brown and slender. Their legs are super-thin and long. They are usually about twice as long as their bodies."

During a wet winter or spring (we've had 3.29 inches of rain so far this year compared to a normal 2 inches), these insects emerge from the soil, mate and lay eggs. They don't eat, although one website claims they might possibly partake of flower nectar. They are attracted to light and may try to sneak in on you.


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