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Arizona Daily Star camp fund at 40% of goal with summer almost here

Arizona Daily Star camp fund at 40% of goal with summer almost here

Newspaper readers generously give to help children

Send a kid to camp logo

The Arizona Daily Star Sportsmen’s Fund raises money so children from low-income households and military families can attend summer camp at little or no cost to their families.

Since 1947, the Sportsmen’s Fund has helped pay for 42,677 children to go to camp. We’re one of the oldest 501©(3) charities in Arizona and one of the most efficient, with 98 cents of every dollar going to send kids to camp.

Our goal is to raise up to $215,000 to send kids to weeklong YMCA and Boy Scout, and Girl Scout overnight or virtual camps, and virtual Camp Tatiyee, for school-age children and older teens with special needs. So far, we have received 628 donations totaling $85,324, or about 40% of our goal.

Your contribution qualifies for the Arizona tax credit of up to $800 for donations to qualifying charitable organizations. Our code is 20450. Donations are welcome throughout the year.

Recent donors include:

Rosemary and Douglas Huestis, $100.

Wanda Huffman, in memory of Harry Huffman, who loved kids, $100.

Kay Humphrey, $100.

William Hunchis, $100.

Frederick Hunt, $200.

Cosette Hutton, $100.

Toby Hyman, $50.

Virginia James, $50.

Linda Jensen, $500.

Janet Johnson, $50.

Rodell Johnson, $250.

Anne Jones, $100.

Jeremy Kahn, $150.

Laura Kalm, $75.

Robert Kelly, $50.

Barbara Kelly, $500.

E.W. Kennedy, $25.

Richard Kennedy, in memory of June and Erle Mc Cord, $200.

Marjorie Kesler, $200.

Mary and Frank King, $50.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard King, $25.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kittle, $200.

Karl Klingelhofer, $50.

Cynthia Kramer, in memory of Chuck Kramer, $100.

Harriet A. Krone, $25.

Mr and Mrs. John Kurath, $100.

William Kurtz, $100.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lacagnina, $100.

Mary Ladd, $50.

Yvonne Lecornu, $30.

Dennis Lee, $100.

Howard Lehto, $20.

Darryl Lewens, $50.

William Lindgren, $100.

Patricia LoBiondo, $50.

Katherine Locke, $100.

Ricki Lundstrom, $50.

Phil and Carol Lyons, $300.

J. Clinton Mabie, in honor of Jill Jorden Spitz, $1,000.

Maura Mack, $100.

Rowanne Madson, $25.

Susan Malynn, $25.

Judith Manelis, $150.

Steven Marder, $100.

Lynn Marinelli, $200.

Joan and Pete Marum, $200.

Susan Mast, $25.

Peter Mayer, in memory of John Ewing and Larry Jones, $100.

June McLeod, $100.

Ann and Jeff Mervin, $200.

Karen Metcalf, $30.

David Michael, $100.

Patricia Michel, in memory of Marvin Cowan, $25.

Randy and Linda Miles, $50.

Miles Label Co., $100.

Barbara Miller, $100.

Sarah Miller, $100.

Helene and Michael Miron, $100.

Geraldine Moisant, $400.

Lois Montague, $25.

Bob and Marie Moore, $200.

Elizabeth Moorman, $200.

Mel Morgenbesser, $75.

Steven Morris, $15.

Jerry Moss, $100.

Milan Murchek, $100.

James Murtagh, $100.

Michael Mussman, $100.

Sarah Nadeau, $200.

Beth Nakhai, $100.

Tom Neil, $400.

Louis and Nora Nelson, $50.

Jill Newby, $50.

Waltrud Nichols, $50.

Nicholsen Trust, $100.

Janice Nielsen-Mallary, $100.

Tim O’Connor, $50.

Steve and Phyllis Ollove, $50.

Jerald Olson, $100.

Rose Osollo, $50.

Kay Pachnowski, $100.

Richard and Laura Page, $100.

Jan Panhuis, $100.

Mr. and Mrs. John Patton, $20.

Jean and John Payne, $50.

Carolyne Payne, $100.

Ron Perry, $100.

Dean Peter, $100.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petersen, $500.

John Phelan, $200.

Joan Phillips, $100.

Bill and Rose Pirillo, $25.

Ray Pisciotta, $250.

Barbara Powell, $200.

Sylvia Pozarnsky and Tom Riley, $200.

William Pratt, $100.

Noel and Sue Price, in memory of Jill Price, $100.

Gary and Janet Pugh, $25.

Amy Pugliese, $10.

Don Quaintance, $100.

Mr. and Mrs. Quiroga, in memory of Jesus and Raquel Heredia, $200.

William Rader, $400.

Gregory Reddick, $100.

John Rees, $100.

Shelley Rench, $400.

Priscilla Reynolds, $25.

Kathleen Rivera, $100.

Janet Rives, $50.

Kelley Roach and Chris Stickline, $100.

David and Laurel Robb, $50.

Carole Roberson, $100.

Leighton Rockafellow, $300.

Judy Roemmelt, $50.

Nancy Rolain, $100.

D.F. Romano, $100.

Gerald Rucks, $50.

Joyce Sanford, in memory of Donn Sanford, $100.

Joyce Santiago, $50.

John Sartin, $100.

Pat Scaramella, $100.

R. Schenderlein and L. Dyke, $300.

Saralee Schneck, $50.

Steven Schwartz, $50.

Stephen Shawl, $100.

Susan Shelton, $25.

Nancy Shiley, $40.

Ralph and Annette Siedel, $100.

Susan Simmers, $100.

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Slattery, $60.

Bayne and Vicky Smith, $20.

Leonard Snyder, $50.

Edward Snyder, $100.

Peggy Snyder, in memory of Harry Huffman, $100.

Byron Snyder, $50.

James and Sallie Soto, $100.

Alan Speth, in memory of J.M. Joe, $25.

Gail Spiegler, $300.

Barbara Spillman, $25.

Joseph Spitler Jr., $100.

Carolyne Stewart, $35.

Mary Ruth Stini, $100.

Richard Stockton, $100.

Christy Strong, $100.

William Stulbarg, $25.

Deborah Summers, $200.

Bonny Teel, $20.

Stephen Tencza, $50.

Susan Thompson, $200.

Mike and Karen Thornton, $25.

Patricia Treeful, $100.

Carol Trejo, $50.

Judy Tully, $50.

Steven Turner, $25.

Frank and Angie Valenzuela, in memory of David Ramirez, $250.

Marie Van Huis, $25.

Roberta Vaughan, $15.

Edd Vinci, $250.

Ross Iwamoto and Marianne Vivirito, $75.

Vincentius Vriens, $200.

Paul Walker, $100.

Patricia Waterfall, in memory of William Roy Hewitt — always a sportsman, $100.

L.H. Watling, $100.

H.I. Weinberg, $100.

Mary Weiss, $50.

James and Judy Wesanen, $100.

Craig and Vicki Wissler, $25.

Craig Wunderlich, $100.

John Yoakum, $100.

Laura Ziady, $100.

Francesca Ziemba, $200.

Mark Zimme, $25.

Nine anonymous donations totaling $5,980.

Additional donations will be acknowledged in coming weeks.

Additional donations will be acknowledged in coming weeks.

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