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The Arizona Daily Star Sportsmen’s Fund raises money so children from low-income households and military families can attend overnight YMCA, Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps and Camp Tatiyee — for school-age children and older teens with special needs — at little or no cost to their families.

Our goal is to raise $212,000 to send 625 local boys and girls to camp and to pay for camp supplies for an additional 300.

In addition, we have committed $5,000 to replace the .22-caliber rifles and $2,000 for annual maintenance of the Walter E. Lovejoy Rifle Range at the YMCA’s Triangle Y Ranch Camp on the north side of the Catalina Mountains.

We have received 701 donations this year totaling $97,781, or 46% our goal.

Since 1947, the Sportsmen’s Fund has helped pay for 40,990 children to go to camp. We’re one of the oldest 501©(3) charities in Arizona and one of the most efficient, with 98 cents of every dollar going to send kids to camp.

Your contribution qualifies for the Arizona tax credit of up to $800 for donations to qualifying charitable organizations. Arizona has assigned a code to each qualifying charitable organization. Donors are required to enter this number on their tax returns to get the credit. The Sportsmen’s Fund code is 20450.

Donations are welcome throughout the year.

Recent donations include:

Ann Abramson, $400.

Donald Albin, $35.

Vicente Amparano, $25.

Madeline Arriaga, $50.

Jennifer Aviles $250.

Jill Ballesteros, $100.

David Beeson, in memory of Robert “Bobby” Beeson, who always loved camping, $250.

Patricia Bena, $25.

Carole Bennett, $100.

Burghard Family Memorial Fund, $100.

Loraine Chapman, $200.

Joan Curran, $100.

Ruth Ann Davis, $66.

Marty Doane, $50.

Jack and Alta Evans, $50.

David Ewoldt, $200.

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Donaldine Finegold, $100.

Cheri Frost, $100.

Jim and Lynn Gardner, $25.

Patricia Glover, $50.

Antoinette Goldstein, $50.

Robin and Anne Gomez, $100.

Donita Gross, $500.

John Hangartner, $100.

William Holmes, $100.

Carol Hulting, $100.

Warren and Nancy Icke, $100.

Richard Kennedy, $100.

Cynthia Kramer, in memory of Chuck Kramer, $200.

Additional donations will be acknowledged in coming weeks