Organization: Primavera Foundation

Address: 151 W. 40th St., Tucson, 85713

Phone: 520-882-5383


Thomas suffered from multiple behavioral health challenges his entire adult life. He lost his marriage, home, and plumbing business.

Being un-medicated left him wandering aimlessly about, resulting in a police incident that landed him in jail for a year. His release left him homeless again before he found a support system with the Primavera Foundation.

Now, Thomas resides at one of our affordable rental housing properties and enjoys weekly art classes in the community, and continues to take advantage of several community support programs to help him thrive, not merely survive. “I’m grateful to show others I can be productive again,” Thomas said.

Primavera was started by members of our community 35 years ago by people who were concerned about the most vulnerable members of our community. The organization continues to provide not just vital services, but economic investment back into the community so that everyone has a safe place to call home.

Your Arizona Tax Credit helps the most marginalized in our community with equity of opportunity. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to safe, affordable housing; employment; financial security; and a second chance. Everyone deserves tangible pathways out of poverty.

Through safe, affordable housing, workforce development, and neighborhood revitalization, Primavera’s programs impact nearly 8,000 people living in Southern Arizona — people who want to improve their lives through four vital areas of support: survival, stability, security and sustainability, which includes these services:

  • Emergency shelter and services.
  • Affordable rental housing.
  • Employment services.
  • Financial education and empowerment.
  • Homebuyer education and homeownership.
  • Neighborhood revitalization.
  • Community building and engagement.

Since 1983, Primavera’s vision remains clear: to promote social and economic justice, while working to build a future in which all people are assured basic human rights, a livable income, and safe, affordable housing.

Participants rely on over 1,700 individual donors who contribute over $1.6 million annually to strengthen their skills, obtain steady employment, find safe, affordable places to call home, set and achieve realistic goals, build assets and sustainable financial futures, advocate for their rights, and connect with their communities in meaningful, value-added ways.

With your Arizona Tax Credit to Primavera, you can help break the cycle of poverty so everyone can have a safe place to call home, achieve financial stability, and live vibrant lives.

When the most marginalized have equity of opportunity, we are all enriched, and our community can thrive.