The Congressional Leadership Fund has released a 30-second ad and put it on Youtube today, the start of a $700,000 ad buy on cable channels targeting Congressional District 2 candidate Matt Heinz.

With the ads set to run in Tucson, faulting the emergency room physician for "empty rhetoric" and  supporting what the CLF calls "harmful policies" including the Affordable Care Act and tax hikes.

“Matt Heinz may talk a smooth game in Arizona but from Obamacare to raising taxes, his policy positions are part of the problem that many Arizona families face,” said Ruth Guerra, spokeswoman for CLF. “Arizonans deserve a proven, results-oriented leader like Martha McSally who will stand up to harmful policies like Obamacare.”

A 15-second version of the ad will run on digital platforms. 

From the ad:

Heinz: Do no harm. That’s the oath I took as a doctor.

(narrator): Matt Heinz says do no harm, but he supports Obamacare.

Which harms seniors by cutting Medicare,

And harms Arizonans with skyrocketing premiums.

Heinz: Do no harm.

(narrator): But Matt Heinz strongly supported a 17% sales tax hike, which would’ve harmed Arizona families.

Matt Heinz. Soothing words. Harmful actions.

Congressional Leadership Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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