About 200 protestors marched through downtown streets Tuesday evening to protest a variety of injustices they claimed have been inflicted on everyday citizens.

Most of the protestors donned Guy Fawkes masks and carried signs deriding genetically modified crops, the federal reserve, America’s war on drugs and more.

The march coincided with similar protests being held around the world Tuesday.

“You’re going to be seeing this type of thing going on more often,” said protestor Branden Ramer.

Ramer said the protestors represented a collection of veteran activists and every day people who “got wind of what’s going on around them” and wanted to do something about it.

The protest was a part of the hacking site Anonymous’ call for a Million Mask March around the globe on Guy Fawkes Day to protest political and corporate corruption.

November 5 is the anniversary day when Fawkes failed to blow-up the English Parliament in 1605.

Tucson's march began in front of City Hall and wound its way to Armory Park.

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Mike Robins said he became aware of  just how much the system is rigged by the powerful when he lost his business a while ago.

Four years ago, Robins had a thriving contracting business in Pima County. But then he lost his business and had to fight for his home after three surgeries and a broken economy took its toll, he said. Robins said what he learned during that time led him to fight for a change.

“Once you look down the rabbit hole, you can’t turn away,” Robins said.