James Peyton demonstrates generosity and leadership.

What: Ben’s Bells promote kindness and community involvement. Each week a person who makes Tucson better is “belled.”

Last week’s recipient: James Peyton.

Nominated by: Ayda Menjugas-MacDuff.

Why: Peyton has always given back to members of the Tucson community by providing meals and helping those in need. Recently, he went above and beyond when he discovered that a locally owned doughnut shop was experiencing financial difficulty because of construction in the area, according to Menjugas-MacDuff’s nomination letter. Peyton quickly organized an event to encourage the community to support the doughnut shop, not once but twice. Each time, the shop sold out of doughnuts quickly. This simple act of kindness helped this family immensely during a time when they needed it most, Menjugas-MacDuff wrote. “James’ continued generosity and leadership have truly helped the Tucson community,” Menjugas-MacDuff wrote.

For more info and to nominate someone: Go to bensbells.org/BellingForm to submit a name. Go to bensbells.org or call 622-1379 for more information.