The Martha Cooper Library, 1377 N. Catalina Ave., will be closing for renovations beginning June 3.

Some online services have already been suspended, including reservations for pickup, interlibrary loans and purchase suggestions in preparation for the closure. The return book drop will also be closed until the projected completion of renovations on June 20.

English as a second language classes will continue through the renovation.

“That is a very valuable program in our area. It’s highly used and we didn’t want to take it away,” says library manager Tara Foxx-Lupo. Classes will begin June 6 and continue Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7:30 p.m. in the large meeting room through July 28. Foxx-Lupo says that area will be unaffected by the renovations.

The library will also host the previously-scheduled Comedy Magic Show by Cody Landstrom on Saturday, June 18, from 11 a.m. to noon. The event is part of the library’s Summer Learning series.

“Our library is in a relatively high-need area, so we serve a lot of populations, including refugee families, children and families and lots of adults who don’t have internet at home,” Foxx-Lupo says. “We are busy throughout the day. We’re not one of the libraries that gets busy after school or at the end of the day.”

“The hardest part for me is honestly the kids. They really do use us throughout the summer and the day, but we’ve sent home fliers and tried to talk to parents to assure they can plan for this closure,” Foxx-Lupo says. She says libraries throughout the Pima County Public Library system try to offer similar services, and the ones being suggested for use during the closure are no exception.

“Really it won’t be a real gap, it will just be a change of venue for the moment,” Foxx-Lupo says.

Changes will include upgrades to the service and computer desks, including the job help desk, which will be made more modular so individuals can work more privately.

“It is going to hopefully be an improvement for job-seekers,” Foxx-Lupo says.

More computers, including doubling those in the children’s area from two to four, will also reduce wait times and ultimately allow more access, says Foxx-Lupo.

The small and closely-placed service desks will also be improved to allow more privacy during customer interactions, and the internal book drop will help avoid cluttering the service desk, she says.