Moon-landing memories from Star readers

I was 13 years old in July 1969 and fascinated by the space program. I remember staying up late on July 20 and sitting on the couch with my parents watching CBS (and the always trusted Walter Cronkite) on our black and white TV as astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin came down the LEM stairs and set foot on the moon. I heard the broadcast crackle that happened in the latter half of Armstrong's first words, which Mr. Cronkite repeated to be sure all of us watching knew exactly what was said.

We lived in Southern California and I saved several 1969 LA Times newspaper sections with articles on the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 missions. I saved the whole sections and, without having done much to protect them, they look pretty good 50 years later. I also saved a 1969 Life Magazine special edition on Apollo 11.

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Before and since I have followed and enjoyed space exploration, and it bothered me, even as a teenager, when space flights subsequent to Apollo 11 (Apollo missions, space station, space shuttles) got less and less broadcast attention. I wanted to see all the launches, space walks, moon walks, etc. as they happened like we did with Apollo 11. Apollo 11 was a unique moment in human history.

Roy Goodman