Moon-landing memories from Star readers

During the summer of 1969, I was a camp counselor at Camp Whispering Pines, the Girl Scout camp at the end of Organization Ridge in the Santa Catalina Mountains. The camp theme that entire summer was the U.S.A., and the staff's uniforms were red white and blue.

The actual day of the moon landing, instead of the usual camp activities of hiking, crafts, cooking out, etc., the entire camp had a "Moon Day" sort of all-camp fair, mostly in the flagpole circle in the middle of the end-of-road turnaround in front of the lodge. There, we had moon-themed booths and activities all day long.

The staff had previously brought up their personal portable TVs from home. That evening, the girls all brought their sleeping bags to the main "lodge" for a sort of sleepover, and we watched the moon landing on those portable TVs set up around the dining hall of the lodge.

I remember that the most exited person was the camp cook, "Muffins," an 80-something year-old woman who was head cook of the public schools in the town of Globe, about 100 miles north of Tucson. She remembered when man first flew as well as when Sputnik was orbiting the Earth! I hope those Girl Scouts of 50 years ago still retain as much excitement about the moon landing as Muffins did then.

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Twelve years later, I was camp nurse, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married, but we had no such celebration.

Miriam Pattison