Moon-landing memories from Star readers

My memory of the Moon Landing is like everyone else. Watching it on the TV. What I remember about the astronauts was the reception they got in New York City after they came out of isolation. My sister, Kathy, and I went into New York City to watch the Ticker Tape parade. This was the first ticker tape parade they had in my lifetime.

We took the subway down to Time Square then walked all over the place to find where the parade was going to be. Luckily, I had my little transistor radio with me so we were able to listen to it to find out where it was going to be. We finally learned it was to be on Park Avenue and we made our way there. We stood on a street corner listening to my little radio. The radio kept us up to date at to where they were so we knew when they were getting close. It was amazing to look down the street and see the ticker tape falling like a blizzard.

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Maggie Kunsemuller