Moon-landing memories from Star readers

At the time of the moon landing, I was a guest of the UA archaeological field school's weekend trip to Canyon de Chelly National Monument, led by Dr. William A. Longacre. A National Park Service archaeologist working there at the time had arranged with the Superintendent for us to watch the moon landing on a TV set that he placed just outside of his garage. As time went on, we were told that the dining room at the lodge was going to close soon, & a few of our group left to eat. In the meantime, a summer storm came in & we moved inside the garage. Later yet, we learned that the cafeteria was going to close ─ our last chance for dinner, & even more students left. Then we reserved the last couple of rooms in the lodge for Dr. Longacre & the cook & me. Then the moon landing! What a feeling to watch that other-worldly event while in the ancient & exotic surroundings of the canyon! When we finally headed off to the lodge, the cook scrabbled in the back of one of the vehicles for some banana bread for our dinner, which we took to our rooms to watch more of the extraordinary accomplishment. Truly a night to remember.

Gloria J. Fenner

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