Inspectors Tennyson Aaronson-Glaab, left, and Rook Chandler go through a pile of pods at the 15th annual Mesquite Milling & Fiesta with Desert Harvesters at the Santa Cruz River Farmers' Market in Tucson on June 22, 2017. A.E. Araiza / Arizona Daily Star

Each state has its own "culinary quirks" and favorite dishes that might sound downright unappetizing to outsiders.

Foodie website Thrillist decided to travel the country in order to determine which is the grossest food from each state that most residents actually love.

"Some have gross names that belie their tastiness. Some have delicious names that belie the fact that they're some dead animal's reproductive organs. Some are just… well, gross," the website says.

While some states have sturgeon eggs and others Tomalley, the mesquite pod (also known as the mesquite-bean) takes the cake for Arizona's worst food, according to Thrillist.

"Not only are these lil' wormy monsters harmless legumes, they're actually edible. And, more importantly, they (especially the honey-mesquite variety) taste like organic Skittles," the article says. "You can pop them right off the branch and eat the pods like jumbo green beans, or mash them into a fine powder to make flour, jelly, or even cocktails."

While Thrillist might not be acquainted with mesquite pods, Tucson certainly is. In June, mesquite lovers gathered at the Mesquite Milling and Fiesta, sharing their pods-related products and culinary secrets.

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