A saguaro cactus stands tall against the backdrop of the Rincon Mountains along the Desert Ecology Trail at Saguaro National Park east of Tucson. 

If you've been holding a grudge, Friday, Aug. 25, is the day to let go of it. It's National Kiss and Make Up day.

The day is celebrated by — you guessed it — letting go of any arguments and making up.

Some other quirky, delicious or otherwise fun and interesting observances Friday:

  • National Park Service Founders Day
  • National Whiskey Sour Day
  • National Second Hand Wardrobe Day
  • National Banana Split Day

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So dress up as Second-hand Rose and have a whiskey sour and kiss someone you were at odds with recently. Visit a national park and eat a banana split!

Enjoy the day.

Johanna Eubank is an digital producer for the Arizona Daily Star and tucson.com. She has been with the Star in various capacities since 1991.