Arizona Army Air National Guard

A military plan calls for the disbanding of an Army National Guard helicopter battalion in Marana by the end of the year.

Hundreds of Arizona Army National Guard soldiers in three units now using facilities considered outdated or overcrowded will get a new home in southeastern Tucson.

Two transportation companies and a field artillery detachment that will use the new facility scheduled to be constructed in 2021 will move from facilities considered outdated or overcrowded.

One of the transportation companies is now based in Tucson while the other is housed in modular trailers at the Florence Military Reservation in Pinal County. The artillery detachment is based at Papago Park Military Reservation in Phoenix.

The new facility will be located on state-owned land near Rita Road and Interstate 10.

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The facility is projected to cost $24.1 million, with the federal government providing $18.1 million and the state $6 million.