Surly Wench

A classic Fourth Avenue bar, Surly Wench is a mix of Americana and kitsch. 

What makes a good pub?

That's the question of the day, and according to one website, it can be difficult to answer.

"For some, it’s a watering hole where you can drink a pint in peace. For others, it’s a gathering place for rowdy soccer fans. Others seek out pubs for the welcoming sounds of drunken lullabies," Best Things Arizona begins its article about the state's best pubs.

Despite Tucson's plethora of watering holes, only one local pub made the list, and it's something of a Tucson classic.

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"Tucson is known for having an eclectic bar scene," Best Things says. "No Tucson bar is quite as interesting at the Surly Wench Pub. It’s a nostalgia filled pub complete with old school pinball machines, air hockey, and jukebox music. Locals flock here for the diverse food, strong drinks, and even burlesque shows on the weekends."

With events including open mic night and karaoke, there's almost always something happening at the Surly Wench.

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