Kid reporter says Arizona marshal threatened her with jail

Hilde Kate Lysiak, a 12-year-old reporter, posted a recent interaction with the Patagonia town marshal on social media. She says he threatened to put her in "juvie" if she posted his image on the internet.

A southern Arizona town is apologizing to a 12-year-old reporter after a marshal tried to stop her from following him.

Hilde Lysiak posted video Friday on her website, Orange Street News, of Patagonia's mayor saying officials "sincerely apologize" that her First Amendment rights had been violated.

Lysiak was following a tip while on her bicycle on Feb. 18 when a local marshal in his patrol vehicle stopped her.

According to Lysiak, the marshal threatened to put her in jail if she continued to follow law enforcement.

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In video from their interaction, the marshal tells her she can film him but sharing the footage online is illegal.

Mayor Andrea Wood said at a town council meeting that officials encourage Lysiak's reporting aspirations.

The marshal has said that the girl was interfering.