47 Scott's stack of grilled cheese, $10, was rated 10 out of 10 by Esquire magazine's Food for Men blog in 2013. Here's what they had to say: "47 Scott offers a leaning tower of gooeyness made using a trifecta of cheeses — yellow cheddar, fontina, and house-made mozzarella — pressed together between toasted sourdough bread kissed with garlic oil."

With thousands of restaurants in Tucson, we certainly have the option to eat any kind of food, any time we want.

Because Phoenix is just a short trip from Tucson, many "Valley of the Sun" residents know about our up-and-coming restaurant scene and our unlimited options.

Earlier this year, The Arizona Republic decided to give their readers who are vacationing in Tucson or just passing through suggestions for the best places to eat while in our neck of the woods.

Almost half of their choices are located downtown, like Cafe Poca Cosa and 47 Scott, but they've got other parts of Tucson covered, too (of course El Guero Canelo is on the list.)

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How they narrowed it down to only nine restaurants, we'll never know, but check out the list here and tell us what you think!