A photo depicts the sign that awaits patrons at Frank's and Francisco's Denoche Restaurant on Tucson's northside.

A local restaurant received national publicity for its sign welcoming patrons into the establishment on Tucson's northside.

"Elegant dining elsewhere" sits out front of Frank's and Francisco's Denoche Restaurant at 3843 E. Pima Street. The restaurant, which opened in 1981, is known for its daytime American-style breakfasts and Mexican cuisine in the evening.

The photo was found in the Washington Post's "Sign Language" section where "amusing" signs spotted during travel are published.

"Too proud a moment not to repost!" the restaurant's Facebook page said after the establishment was made aware of the photo.

Matt Russell, host of On the Menu...Live!, a radio show on the latest Southern Arizona culinary and cocktails, sent the photo of the newspaper to the staff.

He said publications nationwide continue to take notice of what the city has to offer.

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"More and more every day the Tucson food scene is making national and international news," Russell said. He's found examples in news sites such as the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle.



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