The Pima County Board of Supervisors approved a seven-question, $815 million bond proposal to put before the voters in November.

Supervisor Ally Miller cast the only dissenting vote on the proposal.

The bond election will be held on Nov. 3

The $815 million proposal includes road repair, tourism creation, open space purchases, economic development, parks and physical infrastructure improvement projects throughout the region.

It’s now up to voters to choose from the seven questions on ballot in November.

The complete $815 million bond package would require an increase in the secondary property tax to 81.5 cents per $100 of assessed value, up from 70 cents now.

The largest portion of the bond package includes $200 million in highway construction and road improvements.

Also now before voters are proposals to spend $191 million for parks and recreation; $112 million for conservation and historic preservation; $105 million for public health, welfare and housing; $98 million in tourism promotion; $91 million for economic development and workforce training; and $16 million for flood control.

Pima County bond package

Total Pima County bond package 815,760,000

Libraries and Community Facilities

Southwest Branch Library Land Acquisition 600,000
Sahuarita Branch Library 7,500,000
Flowing Wells Branch Library Expansion 3,100,000
Joyner-Green Valley Library Expansion 1,000,000
Southeast Branch Library at UA Tech Park 6,000,000
SUBTOTAL 18,200,000
Community Facilities
El Pueblo Center Improvements 2,000,000
Quincie Douglas Center Expansion 1,000,000
Clements Senior Center Expansion 4,500,000
YMCA Community Center at the UA Tech Park 6,000,000
Sahuarita Food Bank and Multi-Agency Community Service Facility 300,000
SUBTOTAL 13,800,000
TOTAL 32,000,000

Road repairs

Museums and Tourism
Tucson Children's Museum 5,000,000
Pima Air and Space Museum Cold War Hangar 4,000,000
County Fairgrounds Building & Infrastructure Improvements 3,500,000
County Fairgrounds RV Park and Infrastructure Improvements 3,000,000
Old Pima Co. Courthouse Restoration, Jan. 8th Memorial, Tucson Museum of Art 25,000,000
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum-Exhibits and Facility Expansion 9,350,000
Canoa Ranch New Museum/Orientation Center & Improvements 10,000,000
Reid Park Zoo African Expansion Phase II 8,000,000
Southern AZ Regional Orientation Center 18,000,000
Downtown Community Theaters & Historic Cultural Landscape 23,500,000
Temple of Music and Art 900,000
Colossal Cave Mountain Park Improvements 3,350,000
Old Tucson Expansion by Arizona Sonora Western Heritage Foundation 3,000,000
TOTAL 114,400,000

Historic, Cultural and Natural Area Conservation

Historic and Cultural Resources
Steam Pump Ranch Rehabilitation 2,000,000
Ajo Curley School Gym, Town Plaza & Other Historic Buildings 1,300,000
Site Interpretation/Preservation of County-owned Cultural Resource Sites 2,000,000
Historic Ft. Lowell Park Master Plan Implementation 4,000,000
Dunbar School Rehabilitation 1,500,000
Mission San Xavier East Tower & Fa￾ade Restoration 2,500,000
SUBTOTAL 13,300,000
Natural Area Restoration
Altar Valley Watershed Restoration Project 1,000,000
SUBTOTAL 1,000,000
Floodprone and Open Space Land Acquisitions
Floodprone and Riparian Land Acquisition 5,000,000
Open Space Acquisition Program 95,000,000
SUBTOTAL 100,000,000
TOTAL 114,300,000

Parks and Recreation

City of Tucson proposals
Southeast Regional Park Shooting Range Improvements 2,500,000
Udall Park Expansion 4,000,000
Jacobs Park Recreation Center 4,000,000
Reid Park Improvements 2,000,000
Purple Heart Park Expansion 1,500,000
Sentinel Park - A Mountain Park Improvement Project 1,500,000
Urban Greenways City of Tucson/City of South Tucson 10,000,000
Freedom Center Expansion and Pool Improvements 2,500,000
Lincoln Park Improvements 1,500,000
Regional Sports Fields and Lighting 12,000,000
Oury Pool Renovations 1,500,000
Adaptive Recreation Center Expansion 6,000,000
Silverlake Park Expansion 2,300,000
Kennedy Park Improvements and Expansion 2,500,000
Murrieta Park Improvements 5,000,000
Jesse Owens Park Development 1,000,000
Buffalo Soldiers Memorial 250,000
Fort Lowell Park Improvements 2,000,000
SUBTOTAL 59,550,000
Town of Marana proposals
Marana Cultural and Heritage Park 14,000,000
Marana Pool Renovation 3,000,000
SUBTOTAL 17,000,000
Pima County proposals
Rillito Park 1,700,000
Flowing Wells Park Skateboard Park and Improvements 1,250,000
Flowing Wells District Park Expansion 500,000
Kory Laos Freestyle Memorial BMX Park 1,300,000
SW Regional Sports Tournament Complex 25,000,000
Esmond Station Regional Park 6,800,000
Canoa Preserve Park 3,250,000
Willie Blake Park 350,000
Flowing Wells High School Track Improvements 1,000,000
Lawrence Park Improvements and Pool 3,500,000
Pima County Softball Tournament & Recreation Park at Sports Park 3,200,000
Model Airplane Parks 1,000,000
River Park Acquisitions and Development Countywide 10,000,000
Public Natural Park Trailheads 3,750,000
Kino Sports Complex Repurposing and Expansion 2,300,000
County-wide Splash Pad Program 4,200,000
36th Street Natural Resource Park 480,000
Agua Caliente Park Pond Restoration 1,000,000
SUBTOTAL 70,380,000
Town of Sahuarita proposals
Sahuarita Pool and Recreation Complex /YMCA 14,000,000
Town of Oro Valley proposals
James D. Kriegh Park Upgrades 3,000,000
Naranja Park Improvements 10,000,000
SUBTOTAL 13,000,000
Pascua Yaqui Tribe proposals
Lawrence Hiaki Pathway 500,000
Other Organization proposals
Arizona Velodrome Center - Kino Campus 3,500,000
Ajo Community Golf Course Improvements 320,000
First Tee of Tucson Youth Golf & Life Skills Center at Crooked Tree Golf Course 800,000
SUBTOTAL 4,620,000
TOTAL 179,050,000

Neighborhoods, Affordable Housing, Public Health, Justice & Law Enforcement

Neighborhood Reinvestment & Affordable Housing
Pima County Affordable Housing Program 20,000,000
Pima County Neighborhood Reinvestment Program 25,000,000
Pedestrian Safety and Walkability Improvements 12,000,000
South 12th Avenue Cultural and Culinary Corridor 3,175,000
SUBTOTAL 62,578,500
Pima Co. North Clinic Relocation & Expansion 4,000,000
MHC Healthcare, Flowing Wells Family Health Center 3,000,000
Pima County Office of Medical Examiner Expansion & Remodel 15,000,000
SUBTOTAL 22,000,000
Justice & Law Enforcement Facilities
Pima County Jail Annex at Juvenile Detention Center Complex 5,000,000
Vail Sheriff Substation 3,000,000
SUBTOTAL 8,000,000
TOTAL 92,578,500

Flood Control

El Corazon - Santa Cruz River: Rillito and Canada del Oro Confluence 7,000,000
Cemetery Wash Drainage Improvements 2,000,000
Pascua Yaqui Tribe Regional Drainage Construction 1,935,000
TOTAL 10,936,363

Job Growth, Education and Workforce Training

Pima County One Stop Career Center 6,000,000
Banner Universtity Medical Center South Campus Expansion 18,000,000
Innovation/Technology Building, UA Tech Park at The Bridges 20,000,000
Science Park Drive at UA Tech Park 10,000,000
Sonoran Corridor Highway Improvements 30,000,000
Oro Valley Business Accelerator 15,000,000
JobPath Program Facility 1,000,000
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Land Acquisition Program 5,000,000
South Tucson Retail Tax Base Expansion Redevelopment Project 5,000,000
TOTAL 110,000,000