A Tucson teen is hoping to jump rope her way onto national TV to star in a commercial for Dr Pepper.

Jordyn Burggaller, 16, is one of 10 finalists in the soft drink's contest to find a "one of a kind personality" to feature in an upcoming TV spot.

Burggaller, who will be a junior at Sabino High School, has been skipping rope for nine years, but her style is nothing like your average grade-school game.

Her energetic routines are part dance and part acrobatics with lightning-fast swoops of the rope across her body, above her head and through her legs, often set to upbeat music.

She fell in love with jumping rope when she was in third grade after participating in a camp at school and was part of a team called Tucson Twist-Its for eight years.

"I just love being unique, and there's not many people who do jump rope so I can work really hard and be one of the best," she said.

Burggaller has showcased her jumping skills in regional, national and world competitions. And she's inspired her younger sister, Jessica, to take up the activity.

When she was part of a team she'd practice several hours a week during the school year and about six hours a day during the summer. Now, she practices on her own and choreographs her own routines.

Heather Burggaller called her daughter a "natural" and said she enjoys seeing people's reactions when they see her perform.

"They're pretty shocked because they have never seen anything like that and they're entertained," Heather Burggaller said.

For the Dr Pepper competition, Jordyn Burggaller, had to submit a 60-second video demonstrating her talents. Her video was one of 10 submissions chosen by the soft-drink company to highlight on its website to ask viewers to vote for their favorite. Voting ends today, and the company will choose the winner from the five submissions with the most votes.

Other contestants include a female Marine turned mixed-martial-arts fighter, a professional unicyclist and a street luge world series champion.

The teen is no stranger to making videos showing off her routines. She frequently posts videos online of her performances on YouTube as well as instructional videos on choosing the right kind of rope or demonstrating different techniques like how to double dutch.

Jordyn Burggaller was in first place in the competition as of Tuesday afternoon, and she has her sights set on the big prize.

"It'd be a cool commercial because nobody has ever seen it, and it will make people motivated to exercise more," Jordyn said.

How to vote

Visit www.drpepper.com and click on "Vote on the next/ 1" at the bottom of the home page. Voting ends today.

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