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The Arizona Daily Star’s Sportsmen’s Fund Send a Kid to Camp program raises money so children from low-income households and military families can attend overnight YMCA, Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps and Camp Tatiyee, for school-age children and older teens with special needs, at little or no cost to their families.

We kicked off our annual fundraiser on Rodeo Parade day, Feb. 23, with a donation envelope in the Star.

Our goal is to raise $190,000 and send 650 local boys and girls to area camps this summer.

Since 1947, the Arizona Daily Star Sportsmen’s Fund has helped pay for 38,551 children to go to camp. We’re one of the oldest 501©3 charities in Arizona.

Your contribution qualifies for the Arizona tax credit of up to $800 for donations to qualifying charitable organizations. That tax credit was increased starting for tax year 2016; donations made through April 18, 2017, qualify. Donations are welcome throughout the year.

Recent donations include:

Heather Alberts, $100.

William Allen, $100.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson, $250.

Mike and Jo Andre, $100.

Diana Armour $200.

Team Chandler Inc., an Authorized Snap-On Dealer, $300.

Ken and Elaine Baarson, $100.

Nick Bahn, $15.

Avery Bates, $200.

T.M. Bean, $25.

Phyllis W. Becker, $10.

Sherri C. Becker, $100.

Peter Beestrum, $100.

William Berman, $25.

Ernest Binz, $35.

Esther R. Blumenfeld, $25.

Sara Boyd, $100.

Laura and Archibald Brown, $250.

D. Burnette, $50.

Susan Bussman, $25.

Gary and Carol Butryn, $25.

Shirley Calhoun, $25.

Evelyn S. Campbell, $20.

Esther Capes, $100.

Wy and Janet Chamberlin, $100.

Dan Chavez, $75.

John A. Churchill, $10.

Jeffrey Cliff, $100.

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cohen, $100.

Betty J. Cohn, $100.

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Mr. and Mrs. David Colburn, $300.

Mary Cole, $100.

Dr. and Mrs. J. Wright Cortner, $200.

Laddie M. Cox, $110.

James O. Crabb, $200.

Courtney Creviston, $350.

Nancy Crosby, $50.

Kurt Cuff, $20.

Hall Cunningham, in memory of Emily Cunningham, $100.

Dagmar Cushing, $100.

Shirley Davies, $100.

Bonnie Day, $100.

Shirley De Gon, $20.

J. Downey, $50.

Mark and Barbara Dugan, $50.

The Dupniks, in memory of Carla E. Pedersen, $50.

Marilyn Dutari, $50.

Donald Earl Edwards, in memory of Lilly Edwards and Elsie Turner, $800.

More donations will be acknowledged in the coming week.