The black bear was seen on Mount Lemmon heading toward Carter Canyon, the department said.

A black bear sighting on Mount Lemmon prompted the Arizona Game and Fish Department to warn the community to be aware, especially during the July 4 holiday.

The bear was heading toward Carter Canyon Wednesday evening, the department said, adding to the several bear sightings this year.

It hasn't done anything "overtly aggressive", which would warrant action from the department but precautions should be taken, said Mark Hart, public information officer with the department in Tucson.

"It's all about the garbage really, making sure that garbage doesn't go out until the day of pickup, lids are securely on, if your camping make sure those dumpster covers are closed," Hart said.

Hart said to never take food overnight into your tent and wash away food odors by changing clothes.

Campers should safely lock food in "bear boxes" to deter bears from manipulating it to get inside.

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"If you have a bear that wont move off, seems a little too curious about you scare it off," Hart said. "Stand up straight, wave your arms over your head, throw objects that are handy and make sure your body is toward the bear, but don't make eye contact."

He said if the bear does not leave the area, back away slowly and don't "play dead" as they do eat dead animals.

Questions can be addressed by calling the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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