Maya Saylor, kneeling in the middle, waves to the parade participants with her children (from left) Sheppard Jones, 8, Keanu Loch, 6, Khmer Loch, 2, and Gypsy Jones, 5. Grandma DeBora Saylor is in the back with signs.

Tucson may think that it's a veteran-friendly city, but a recent study suggests differently.

For Wallethub's survey, "2017's Best and Worst Places for Veterans to Live," analysts compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 17 indicators of livability, affordability and veteran-friendliness, including veteran income growth , availability of VA health facilities and share of military skill-related jobs.

While Tucson performed better than Phoenix, it still ranked on the bottom half of the list, coming in at 61st place (Phoenix was 78.)

With a total score of 51.05, Tucson didn't fare well compared to most of the other cities on the list, ranking especially low in terms of employment and health.

Check out the study here and see what landed Tucson so low on the list.