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Thanks to Star readers 647 local boys and girls went to overnight camp this summer. More girls were scheduled to go to Girl Scout camp, but that camping season was cut short because of the Burro Fire on Mount Lemmon.

The Arizona Daily Star Sportsmen’s Fund raises money so children from low-income households and military families can attend overnight YMCA, Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps and Camp Tatiyee, for school-age children and older teens with special needs, at little or no cost to their families.

This past summer we helped pay for 647 local boys and girls to go to weeklong overnight camp at a cost of $207,757. We received 1,519 donations totaling $219,735, with the extra rolling over to next year’s camping season.

Here’s where the girls and boys went to camp:

• 327 to weeklong camp at the YMCA’s Triangle Y Ranch in Oracle, on the back side of Mount Lemmon.

• 186 to various overnight Boy Scout camps, mostly at Camp Lawton on Mount Lemmon.

• 96 to overnight Girl Scouts Whispering Pines camp, which was cut short because of the Burro Fire on Mount Lemmon.

• 28 to the YMCA’s Triangle Y Ranch weeklong Camp Corral, a free, one-of-a-kind summer camp experience with priority to children of wounded, ill, injured or fallen military service members, and then to any child of a military service member or veteran.

• 10 to Lions Camp Tatiyee, which specializes in serving those with total needs, providing care in dressing, toileting, feeding and help with other life skills. The weeklong overnight residential camp provides intensive one-to-one care.

Since 1947, the Arizona Daily Star Sportsmen’s Fund has helped pay for 40,070 children to go to camp. We’re one of the oldest 501c(3) charities in Arizona and one of the most efficient in our giving, with 97 cents of every dollar going to send kids to camp.

Your contribution qualifies for the Arizona tax credit of up to $800 for donations to qualifying charitable organizations. Donations are welcome throughout the year.

Recent donations include:

2 anonymous donations of $1,000, including one in honor of the Northwest Fire District Emergency Medical Services for the valiant attempt to revive Millie on June 13.

Marilyn Abraham, $100.

Debbie Kornmiller and George Campbell, in memory of longtime Sportsmen’s Fund member Bob Svob, $100.

Elaine Carlton, in memory of Jeanne Bradley, $100.

Loraine Chapman, $100.

Theresa Dellheim, $100.

Finnish Club of Tucson, $100.

Tom Foust, $100.

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Bonnie Gibson, in memory of Everett W. Gibson, $200.

Jane Gray, in loving memory of Daffy Tabor, $50.

Jane and Ed Greenberg, $70.

Billie and Boris Kozolchyk, $72.

Richard and Mary Bell McCorkle, in memory of Gordon Overstreet (David) and Rudy Castro (Caroline), $100.

Patricia McElroy, in loving memory of my brother, Thomas Kevin McElroy, $500.Mobil Retiree Matching Gift Program, $200.

Gary Roth, $25.

Tee Taylor, $50.

Joel and Jerrimae Wallace, $25.

More donations will be acknowledged in the coming week.