The Night Before Christmas, 1912
The Night Before Christmas, 1912

The Night Before Christmas, 1912

The Night Before Christmas as is appeared in the Arizona Daily Star on Dec. 22, 1912.

This version ran in the Arizona Daily Star Saturday, Dec. 22, 1912:

The Night Before Christmas

By Wilbur D. Nesbit

“ ’Tis the night before Christmas” —

I whisper the rhyme

And wander in fancy

To “once on a time.”

I see the big fireplace,

The girls and the boys,

The long, heaped-up stockings,

The drums and the toys.

“ ’Tis the night before Christmas” —

So old, and so new!

With all of its dreamings

So good and so true.

I see all the faces

Forgotten so long,

And out of the twilight

There murmurs a song.

“ ’Tis the night before Christmas” —

And here, by my grate,

The past rises, glowing;

The years lose their weight.

The boy-days come trooping

At memory’s call,

And gleam in the embers

That flicker and fall.

“ ’Tis the night before Christmas” —

Ah, could I but clutch

The gold of my fancies!

’Twould go at my touch!

The shouts and the laughter

Now sweet to my ear

Would shrink to a silence

Too deep and too drear.

“ ’Tis the night before Christmas” —

Remembrances stir

As sweet as the cherished

Frankincense and myrrh.

And, hark! As the visions

Grow dim to the sight,

There comes: “Merry Christmas!

And, boy-days, good night!”


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