Prickly pear fruit

August is finally here, and along with it comes prickly pear harvest season.

Although prickly pear can be found on food and drink menus in Tucson year-round, the pinkish plant tastes sweetest in the summer when the temperatures rise.

Apparently Arizonans aren't the only ones fascinated by the "picturesque and tasty" prickly pear, according to USA Today in their article, "Taste prickly pear season in Arizona."

Cheri Romanoski of Tucson's own Cheri's Desert Harvest is featured prominently in the article, doling out information about the desert fruit, including some culinary and non-culinary uses and even a description of the taste for readers who are nowhere near Arizona.

But for those who are, USA Today was kind enough to feature 25 prickly pear dishes, drinks and desserts that can be found across the state, and six of the places that are serving them up can be found in Tucson.

Fini's Landing, Three Wells Distilling Company, Borderlands Brewing Co., Baja Cafe, Tanque Verde Ranch and Charro Steak all put prickly pear to good use on their menus.

To see what they're serving up, check out the article here and scroll through the gallery at the top of the page.