The Tucson Fire Department responded to an incident where burning food filled an apartment with smoke. 

Around 4 a.m., a resident of an apartment complex at 2000 E. River Rd. called 911 and reported hearing a smoke detector and smelling smoke from one of the apartments, according to a department press release. 

When firefighters arrived at the complex, they tracked the sound of the fire alarm and entered the apartment where they found a pot of food smoldering on the stove.

Firefighters found a woman in her 20's unconscious on the couch. They took her out of the apartment and provided a medical evaluation and treatment.

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"On this incident the activation of a smoke detector from food burning on the stove resulted in a very positive outcome," said Daniel Burke, Tucson Fire Department public information officer.

The department recommends that people have several functioning smoke detectors in their home and can get more information on smoke detectors by calling 520-791-4502.