A Tucson man accused of killing his stepdaughter has been brought up on new charges, related to photographing her in the bathroom, court documents show.

Joshua Lelevier, 37, was already facing first-degree murder charges in connection with the asphyxiation death of 13-year-old Jayden Glomb, as well as charges of abandonment or concealment of a dead body, according to an indictment issued on June 29.

The grand jury also indicted Lelevier on two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, in connection with an April 25 photograph of Jayden on the toilet and an April 26 video showing her undressing, the indictment says.

Lelevier is also facing two counts of voyeurism and two counts of surreptitious photographing, videotaping, filming or digitally recording domestic violence, according to the indictment.

Jayden was last seen at her Vail home on the night of May 10, roughly 12 hours before her body was discovered in a nearby desert area.

Lelevier told investigators that he went out to look for Jayden when he discovered her missing the night before, but never went near where her body was found. Surveillance footage later disproved his statement, according to previous reporting by the Star.

Forensic examination of Jayden’s computer found online searches for suicide, blood loss and drug overdoses, all at times that Jayden was at school and Joshua Lelevier was home.

Investigators also found what appeared to be a suicide note with Jayden’s name signed at the end that had been deleted from the computer about 45 minutes after Lelevier said he found Jayden missing.

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Lelevier was arrested in connection with her killing on May 31, but police later served a second search warrant and seized an endoscope camera, spy camera, thumb drives, clothing and photographs, according to the search warrant return.

While searching the house, police found a hole in the wall of the den leading to a hole in the bathroom above the light switch and a second hole in the den leading to a hole in the bottom part of the bathroom wall, the warrant return says.

Investigators also found a fan vent and air conditioning vent in the bathroom where a video camera could be hidden that matched up to the angle of the photo, according to the warrant return.

Jayden's mother, Jessica Lelevier, filed for divorce from Joshua days after his arrest.

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