A Tucson police sergeant who violently pushed a then-UA student while officers tried to control a large crowd after the men's basketball team's loss in the 2014 NCAA tournament, was suspended, newly released records show.

Sgt. Joel Mann was suspended without pay for 80 hours, the department confirmed Friday. Hundreds of pages of documents in the internal review of the incident was released Friday, Sgt. Pete Dugan, an agency spokesman said.

The suspension was for two separate incidents, both occurring after the team's loss.

Mann, a 19-year veteran of the force, served his suspension in mid-August after his appeal was denied, according to the documents. Dugan confirmed that he is back on active duty.

Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor said in July that he anticipated disciplining the officer.

On Aug. 11, Mann's notice of discipline was issued, allowing him seven days to file an appeal, which he did.

In September, Mann notified the department that he intended to file a grievance, saying that the punishment was too severe. He submitted it in December, and it was rejected.

He filed another grievance on Jan. 12, asking that the decision again be re-evaluated. On Jan. 20, the department rejected the second grievance.

"The serious nature of your actions, especially in regard to any lack of perceived or actual threat justifies the enhanced sanctions," according to the department's response to Mann.

No criminal charges were pursued against Mann. County prosecutors said last year that while Mann was 'overzealous,' his actions did not rise to a level that should be taken to court.

In the first incident, Mann pushed then-UA student Christina Gardilcic over a bench. The hit was also captured on a helmet camera Mann wore.

Gardilcic, the student knocked over the bench, has filed a $375,000 claim against the city.

Stephen Weeks, Gardilcic's attorney, said that he also intends to file a lawsuit against the police department.

The second incident occurred during the same riot, when Mann pushed a young woman out of a chair. Mami Morita also filed a complaint against Mann, resulting in 20 of the 80 hours of his suspension.

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