lights and sirens

What began as a fist fight turned deadly after one participant took off in his pickup truck while the other held onto the vehicle and tried to keep throwing punches, the Tucson Police Department said.

Police have identified the deceased as Robert E. Hernandez, 32, who died of his injuries in a hospital Wednesday, a few days after the April 8 incident.

The altercation occurred around 4 a.m. Sunday  in a driveway in the 5600 block of East 28th Street, police said.

When the pickup driver tried to leave in his black Chevy Silverado, Hernandez held onto it and "continued attempting to assault" the man, police said in a news release Friday.

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The truck dragged Hernandez for a short distance before he fell off and struck his head on the pavement, it said. The driver later was located by police.

The case is under investigation and there are no arrests at this time. Anyone with information is asked to call 88-CRIME.