The sun on a background of orange sky.

Tucson's high hit 95 degrees at Tucson International Airport for the first time this year at 2:59 p.m., according to the National Weather Service.

The temperature is three weeks early from the historical average date of May 1, the weather service tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

The 95 degrees ranks as the ninth earliest on record, tied with April 10, 2014.

Tuesday's low was 57 degrees.

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The forecast for Wednesday is 96 degrees, which if it is hit, would break the 95 degrees record of April 11, 1988, said NWS Meteorologist Emily Carpenter. The forecast low is 60 degrees.

By Friday, the temperature is expected to hit 69 degrees, a drop of 25 degrees, Carpenter said. The low is forecast to be 48 degrees.

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