San Xavier Mission day trip: Cafe Santa Rosa

The BC4 combo plate at Cafe Santa Rosa's second location has red chile beef, eggs and beans with a side of tortillas or fry bread for $10.50.

If you were in Tucson for only one weekend and had the opportunity to visit seven restaurants, which ones would you choose?

Carey Polis of Bon Appetit Magazine did just that. And she chose El Charro Cafe, Oasis Fruit Cones, El Guero Canelo, Tumerico, Barrio Bread, Cafe Santa Rosa and Monsoon Chocolate. 

In Bon Appetit's "How to Spend a Big Fat Weekend in Tucson, Arizona," Polis says she visited Tucson with fairly low culinary expectations. But after her weekend visit, her opinion changed.

"This trip to Tucson was one of the best (unintentional) gastro-tourism experiences I've ever had — from great local wheat bread to bean-to-bar chocolate, vegan pork tacos to overstuffed hot dogs," she writes.

She also mentioned Tucson's 2015 UNESCO designation — Tucson was the first city in the U.S. to be recognized as a World City of Gastronomy.

"I might've been late to the party, but at least I'm glad I made it," she writes.

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Among the dishes she tried were El Charro's carne seca, the carne asada tortas at El Guero Canelo and an oat bowl at Monsoon Chocolate.

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