Antique Mall

Assistant manager Kathy Sevits sits next to the notoriously haunted Booth 52 where she has heard a an antique typewriter typing with no one around. Tuesday Oct. 21, 2008.

Tucson is known for a number of things: The University of Arizona, the heat, sprawling desert landscapes and most recently, its fabulous food.

But thanks to a popular website, Tucson might also get some notoriety for its ghosts.

Ranker, a website that touts itself on "deep rankings about everything, voted on by everyone" has taken on the state's creepiest urban legends and ghost stories.

Although Tucson has its fare share of haunted spots, Ranker decided that the 22nd Street Antique mall is the scariest in town.

With reports of furniture rearranged during the night, vanishing figures and phantom sounds of broken glass, the antique mall has gained quite a reputation around town over the years.

While only one Tucson spot landed on the list, Ajo also made it, with a ghoulish tale about a pair of stranded ghosts that haunt highway 85 after midnight. The story says that a couple traveling to Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon in the 1950s crashed head-on into a boulder, killing them both.