In case you missed the 13th-annual World Margarita Championship on Friday, Aug. 10, hosted by SAACA in partnership with Tucson Originals, we've got the highlights.

The sold-out event featured more than 20 restaurants battling to win the title of Margarita Champion. And a handful were victorious (though the rest were just as spirited).

The winners at this year's event were:

  • Judges' Choice First Place — Casino Del Sol's Tequila Factory with their Hielo Verde Margarita that included a salted sorbet made with Topo Chico mineral water, cucumber, cilantro, tomatillo, salt, and mezcal. 
  • Judges' Choice Second Place — Fresco Pizzeria & Pastaria with their bitter blood orange margarita.
  • Judges' Choice Third Place — The Lodge on the Desert's Cielos with their fig and apricot margarita that included a cascabel chili foam on top. 
  • People's Choice First Place — Rigo's Mexican Restaurant with their dragon fruit margarita.
  • People's Choice Second Place — Chef Chic with their lemon and ginger-infused hibiscus margarita.
  • People's Choice Third Place — Guadalajara Grill with their chili-mango margarita. 

Some margaritas were spicy, with jalapeño or chili. Others were sweet, with guava or pineapple. But among the most interesting concoctions were a smoked margarita from Bisbee Breakfast Club, a beet margarita from Sundance Cafe, and a "Monzon Margarita" made with mesquite beans from The Dutch Eatery & Refuge. 

Food pairings were also present at the event. For food, the Tequila Factory won first place in the judges' category with their White Sonoran Berry Salad. And Rigo's won first place in the people's choice with their barbacoa. 

And if you need some visuals to help you out, below are seven glorious masterpieces presented at this year's margarita fest.

If you've never heard of the World Margarita Championship but are interested in learning more about the event, click here.