For 60 years, Wishbone has been uniquely Tucson

Lucky Wishbone's menu is short and simple: fried chicken, shrimp, "steak fingers" and french fries. But it's kept Tucsonans coming back for the past 60 years.

Arizona might not be famous for its fried chicken, but it can be argued that a handful of spots have are serious contenders.

Luckily for Tucson, Best Things Arizona thinks that three of the state's 10 best spots are in our town.

From an old classic to a relative newcomer, these restaurants all offer something different when it comes to fried chicken.

First on the list is Welcome Diner, which arrived in Tucson last October and is located at 902 East Broadway Boulevard.

"Three words: fried chicken biscuits.That’s all the Welcome Diner needs to dominate the local food scene," Best Things Arizona writes in the article. "Though their classic American fare more than holds its own, it’s their fried chicken biscuits that bring customers through the door."

Next on the list is May's Counter Chicken and Waffles, 2945 E. Speedway Blvd.

"This southern-style eatery may have a diverse menu, but it’s known for two things—chicken and waffles," according to Best Things Arizona. "Wash it all down with one of their famous Bloody Marys and you just might reach food nirvana."

Last on the list, but certainly not least, is Tucson classic Lucky Wishbone, with multiple locations across town.

"There’s nothing lucky about Lucky Wishbone’s success. Established in 1953, they’ve grown from a small Tucson hole-in-the wall into an omnipresent chain with seven locations," Best Things Arizona writes. "Behind all their success is mind-numbingly delicious fried chicken."

It's hard to find a Tucsonan that hasn't been to Lucky Wishbone, and many people enjoy their fries and garlic toast just as much as the fried chicken it accompanies.

Check out the full list here. If you're not hungry yet, you will be.