Taco Yaqui at Aqui Con El Nene

It takes two tortillas to hold the hefty slab of roasted green chile in the Taco Yaqui, $3.50, at Aqui con El Nene.

The truth is out and Tucson is finally getting the recognition it deserves as the taco capital of the state.

Best Things Arizona has put together a list of the 10 best tacos in the state and five of those spots are occupied by Tucson taco shops.

First on the list is Aqui con el Nene, with multiple locations in Tucson, serves up simple, well-seasoned tacos that will make you feel like you're eating on a street corner in Mexico, according to Best Things.

The second Tucson spot is Mi Nidito, 1813 S. 4th Ave., which is famous for its delicious food that former president Bill Clinton once enjoyed.

"This family-owned restaurant may be on its third generation, but their signature tacos have remained the same," Best Things said, adding that the restaurant got its start in 1952.

Next on the list for Tucson is BK's tacos, with two locations in town, which has become a local favorite for their flavorful, authentic tacos.

"BK’s distinct carne asada tacos are cooked over mesquite fire and served on fresh tortillas," Best Things says in the article "The tacos are served fast and hot and without any frills."

The article also mentions BK's decadent salsa bar, which locals have been known to get lost in.

The fourth Tucson spot on the list is Karamelo King, a food truck located at 3752 East Grant Road, in a parking lot of a piñata and candy shop.

Best Things says that Karamelo King serves up some of the state's best carne asada tacos.

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"Locals know to get them Hass style—or served with green chili verde and cheese—for the ultimate experience," the article says.

The last Tucson taco shop to end up on the Best Things list is the aptly named Taco Shop, 1350 E. Broadway Rd.

Located in a "hole in the wall" near the University of Arizona, The Taco Shop serves up some great late night eats, according to the article

"You can’t go wrong no matter your taco selection," according to Best Things.

"The salsa bar is loaded with homemade salsas and spicy concoctions that add an extra kick to your tacos."

In case you weren't already hungry, check out the full list here.