Bighorn sheep were recently seen roaming the yard of a resident in the Oro Valley area, wildlife officials say. 

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, if bighorn sheep are seen roaming through your neighborhood, that's all they're doing — roaming. 

Particularly, young rams like to explore new territory, said department spokesman Mark Hart. 

The animals aren't seeking water. "Setting water out tends to keep them in human occupied areas," the department said on Twitter, adding that they can go a week without water.

"What we don't want is for them to persist in residential areas," Hart said.

Hart added that if anyone is interested in providing water for wildlife in their natural environments across the state, they can make a donation here.

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Check out the video of the bighorn sheep below, courtesy of Game and Fish and Dawna Phillips. The video was filmed near North Oracle and West Magee roads, Hart said.