Two distinctly Tucson brands are joining forces to make your evenings out more entertaining. 

Starting Thursday, February 1, you’ll be able to order Eegee’s mixed with Hamilton Distillers’ Whiskey Del Bac at several restaurants and bars in town, including at Owls Club, 236 S. Scott Ave., Obon, 350 E. Congress St., and during Hamilton’s Saturday tasting room hours, 3 p.m.-6 p.m. at their production facility, 2106 N. Forbes Blvd.  

Participating venues will be able to order from a dozen or so flavors that Eegee’s offers in premium concentrate form for the cocktails. Hamilton Distillers is offering its mesquite-smoked clear whiskey for the collaboration. 

“It sort of made sense to do something like this together,” said Dale Riggins, brand manager for Hamilton Distillers. “We are both steeped in Tucson. We love where we live and both businesses really represent that.”

The idea was born from a volunteer bottling session at Hamilton Distillers, Riggins said. 

Hamilton often buys Eegee’s for its crews working on bottling days. During a recent session, distiller Ramon Olivas suggested they mix some of the lemon Eegee’s they had on-hand with their own product. 

“It was incredible,” Riggins said. “Together, they made a flavor that you didn’t expect.”

Obon and Owls Club are the first businesses in Tucson to participate, but Riggins said at least seven other bars and restaurants will be launching the collaboration in the near future. 

“We are marketing it to cocktail bars,” Riggins added. “To people who are immersion circulating their syrups and doing the whole culinary route with their ingredients.”

Robert Santiago, director of marketing for Eegee’s, said via email that the company has offered “eegee’s Spiked Ice” at a few locations around town and at special events for a couple of years now, but this is the first co-partnership for the adult-targeted version of Eegee’s. 

Santiago said that there are no plans at this time to sell Whiskey Del Bac-infused Eegee’s at their regular locations. 

“It’s a different line of business that isn’t a fit with our family focused store environment,” he said.