Dear Mr. John Huppenthal,

To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, you are a hollow man. In this poem Eliot suggests the decay of society. And you, as the state Superintendent of Public Instruction, seem to be doing your best to destroy your credibility with the public.

I just finished viewing the news clip of how you participated over and over in the blogosphere. Your actions pre-

sent a true erosion of an elected official.

Elected officials should be leaders and stand behind their actions and words. But you hide in the shadows and use anonymity to degrade others. Your language is that of the racist, the chauvinist, the bully, the man of small thoughts and brutal intentions. Individuals in education should be caring, nurturing and trying to help everyone overcome the challenges that crush the human spirit. You on the other hand push the individual over the edge with your viciousness.

Your words and actions are from the rhetorical abyss. They present what is most base and disparaging in the human character. You tap-out dehumanizing clichés in the solitude of a dark little room hoping no one knows; chances are you snicker and giggle as you tap out some clever retort to a single mother or another parent who has two jobs and is worried they can’t afford to buy their child glasses.

Bravo, Mr. Huppenthal, your little slogans are all suggestion without valid meaning. As Shakespeare once said, (and this could be about you) “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Yes. You probably will win the election. But I will start every letter of recommendation for a senior the same way ... “Despite going to school in Arizona where the state Superintendent of Public Education has set the bar for moral decency incredibly low, and he has made every attempt to erode the resources for public education, (the following student) has thrived. …”


Chris Goldsmith, teacher, 25 years

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