A memorial for Tucson's shooting victims has sprung up and grown on the lawn in front of University Medical Center.

By all accounts, Dorwan Clifford Stoddard, or "Dory," was by nature a problem-solver.

He worked to fix physical things that had broken - he was retired from construction, after all - and he worked to fix community problems.

In his funeral notice in the Star on Friday, his family wrote: "In retirement, Dorwan also kept himself busy by volunteering to help his family whenever needed while earning the title 'Mr. Fixit.' "

Stoddard, 76, volunteered at his church, the Mountain Avenue Church of Christ, and he was devoted to his faith.

He offered his time and skill to fix up the church.

Stoddard and his wife, Mavy, were at the Safeway Jan. 8 to see Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at her "Congress on Your Corner" event.

When the shooting started, Stoddard knocked Mavy down. "His final act of selflessness was to dive on top of his wife, sacrificing his life for hers," President Obama said Wednesday at the public memorial.

His life will be celebrated at a private funeral service this afternoon.

Stoddard is a fine example of how we can use our gifts and talents to help others, using his skills in construction to help those who needed him.

He will be greatly missed.

Arizona Daily Star

How to help:

• Tucson Tragedy Victim Fund. How to contribute: Send a check to Homicide Survivors Inc. (memo line: Tucson Tragedy Victim Fund), 32 N. Stone Ave., Suite 1408, Tucson, AZ 85701. Contributions are tax-deductible.

• Tragedy in Tucson Victims' Fund. How to contribute: Go to www.kvoa.com/pages/tragedy-in-tucson-time-to-heal

• The American Red Cross Southern Arizona Chapter is accepting donations for those who wish to honor U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. How to contribute: Go to www.redcrossarizona.org/giffords

• The Community Food Bank is accepting donations. How to contribute: Go to communityfoodbank.com