I believe every sane non-felonious citizen has the right to carry a firearm for personal defense. In fact, I'm fine with concealed, or open carry, with extensive checks, permits and training required. And license and register those guns.

No combat weaponry. Those weapons are only good for insurrections and mass murder.

And no more ‘killing spree’ sized clips.

Tax bullets to offset the cost to our nation’s hospitals and emergency responders every time a gun is used to kill someone.

Guns don’t kill people. But they make it a hell of lot easier to kill people.

The entire cafe nodded save for Sour Frank who argued for a ban on rocks and knives.

“Cut the crap, Frank. Let’s work together,” I said. “At the very least lets work together to address the culture of violence that has poisoned our society. “

Rosa said, “Good luck with that. Americans have no empathy for gun violence victms. We’re indifferent to the carnage. We overlook the daily slaughter in our cities and towns, because we prefer to think it’s hopeless. When did America start accepting ‘hopeless’? ”

Lurleen coughed and took the floor. “I got shot once. Grazed me. Bastard’s my ex now. He’s in prison.” We listened to Lurleen whisper for the first time in her life.

“We are a cold-hearted people. Our lack of empathy for victims of gun violence just breaks this cowgirl’s tired old heart. All that unspeakable pain and suffering and we are frozen...cajoled into believing amy gun control will lead to the government taking away your guns. Paranoid fools like the lunatics in Texas who are convinced the USA is going to invade them. What morons.”

I asked Lurleen, “What did Rosa put in your coffee?”

She took a quick sip and kept going. “If we could feel the misery being wrought with guns at this very hour across our nation our hearts would drown in an oceanic tide of sorrow. It’s the scale of death that I can’t wrap my head around. School children? A Bible study group?”

Romero added the kicker. “ Not to mention the hundreds cut down in our ghettos and barrios that don’t make the nightly news. And for sanity’s sake let all good law-abiding people keep their guns for defense. How did it come to this?”

“After the Civil War ended and the carnage was over the gunmakers wanted to keep their factories open and the cash flowing. They marketed personal firearms to pioneers and westerners on the frontier. By the way, Tombstone had strict anti-gun laws.”

I went off on a tangent. “And no ‘Gun-free zone’ sign is going to stop a killer. Get real. And close the gun show and background check loopholes and stop your whining. Until there are changes in our approach to lethal weapons we really should not talk about permitting another gun show in this county."