Tucsonans burning their flesh in a large open broiler. It's a Tucson thing.

Top Ten Phrases we Tucsonans use to tell you that you have gotten way too much sun lately and it's time to come inside:

  1. Time to come inside, Hellboy.Your horns are on fire.
  2. Uh-oh. Looks like someone left the tanning booth setting on “dark meat”.
  3. I love Blue Man Group. How long have you been touring with Red Man Group?
  4. When you peel donate your husk to the Coppertone Institute of Idiocy.
  5. I see you went with our Extra Crispy Melanoma recipe. Good pick, sunshine.
  6. Anyone have a 55-gallon oil drum full of of Aloe?
  7. Holy SPF50! A giant 6 foot high charred carrot just escaped from the kitchen!
  8. Bad news, George Hamilton, when you flake you’ll lose your nipples.
  9. Is your complexion always the color of tandoor chicken?
  10. I'm sorry. When did your face order the Red Lobster special?