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As an experienced prosecutor, I feel compelled to set the record straight regarding numerous false statements made by criminal defense attorney Joel Feinman who is challenging Barbara LaWall. Feinman claims our office wins only 60 percent of our cases. This is demonstrably false. The Arizona Supreme Court keeps statistics of trial results for each county. Pima County’s trial conviction rate is 85 percent.

He claims the turnover rate of prosecutors is 40 percent. That is laughable and false. Approximately 13 to 14 percent of prosecutors leave each year. The reason? They earn far more at the U.S. Attorney, the Arizona Attorney General or in private practice.

Feinman is saying things about Barbara LaWall which are false in order simply to get elected. He erroneously compares LaWall, an outspoken advocate for crime victims and gun violence prevention, to Sheriffs Joe Arapio and Paul Babeu. Feinman’s willingness to bend and distort the truth tells you everything you need to know about who deserves your vote for Pima County Attorney. Her name is Barbara LaWall.

Jonathan Mosher


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