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Re: the August 21 column "Limited prison or minimal prison? Voter's choice."

Tim Steller's article notes the differences between the two Democratic candidates for Pima County Attorney. Arizona has an increasing number of people who are sentenced, not because of violent crime, but rather because of drug- and alcohol-related offenses. The County Attorney's decisions impact increased sentencing, and this is a main issue to consider when voting in the primary. Prisons are notorious for offering minimal or no rehabilitation for drug and alcohol related crimes.

Joel Feinman offers an opportunity to reduce the numbers sentenced and increase the possibility of treatment. That option would not only decrease costs associated with incarceration, which are greater than drug/alcohol treatment ones. It would reduce the numbers of crimes, such as burglary, which are often related to drug addictions. It is time for a change of leadership in the County Attorney's office. The results of the Democratic primary will determine that. Pay attention — vote!

Diane Wilson


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