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Re: the article on Sept. 28 "Businesses poised to boom if Prop. 205 passes"

Tim Steller's column on the initiative to legalize marijuana made up my mind. I will vote for Prop. 205.

Alcohol, gambling, guns and tobacco are legal in Arizona. They pose a greater risk of harm to our population than marijuana does.

Local government has committed millions of tax dollars to World View and Caterpillar based on speculation they will generate hundreds of jobs. The production of marijuana, given the obvious market for it in Arizona, will generate thousands of jobs here.

Local business leaders tout the Rosemont Mine despite the environmental devastation it will cause and the relatively few jobs and revenue it will bring here. The production of marijuana is environmentally sensitive and will generate an enormous stream of new revenue in Arizona.

Taxation on that revenue could be a game-changer in terms of fixing our schools and other infrastructure. Vote Yes on Prop 205.

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David Hill



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