Just read the article about the banning of the commercial horseback rides on the Linda Vista trail. I am very familiar with this trail and most trails on this side of the Catalinas. My late father-in-law,( Joe Fanning) ran the Rail N Ranch for many years from late 50s to the late 70s. One thing these people who use these trails for recreational mountain biking and walking ( call it walking because that's what they do. not hiking ), is that without horses, cattle, and horsemen they would not even have a trail to "walk" on. Horses and cattle and cowboys made all these trails that bikers and walkers are using now. Instead of petioning to shut them down they should get on their knees and thank them! And as for those horse droppings, they add valuable nutrients to the ecosystem! I have cut many trails over the years that are being used by these bikers and walkers, maybe i'll petition to get them off them !

Albert Miller


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