Congratulations to our local ECE community for ensuring more children attended high quality preschool this year than in years past. The visibility the Cradle to Career Partnership is bringing to the importance of early childhood education is incredibly important in helping parents make decisions regarding preschool. While the increase is terrific news, we know that the idea that 1 in 5 children are attending high quality preschool must be looked at as simply a good start.

We will have an even stronger community when we increase enrollment in high quality preschool by 50 percentage points, not just 4. Strong Start Tucson, a local initiative that will increase the sales tax in order to send an additional 6000 - 8000 children to high quality preschool, will change our community so that almost 4 in 5 children have access to affordable high quality preschool. Thank you C2C for shining a light on high quality preschool and thank you Tucson voters for supporting SST now and in November.

Bill Berk


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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